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SLIMWizard will show you the exact steps and specific directions to help you be successful. SLIMWizard is a complete weight loss package that comes with a big inside secrets e-book, a complete diet plan, lots of delightful recipes, tools, analyzers, motivation, behavior control secrets, special weight loss tricks, food lists and a lot more. SLIMWizard includes absolutely everything that's needed to burn excess fat to the last pound. SLIMWizard is absolutely FREE.

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Read This Special Article Before You Consider Joining or Paying for any Weight Loss Program

Maybe you eat more food every time you think about going on a diet and you are sabotaging yourself at every turn.
You may think you are abnormal because so manypeople have achieved their ideal weight and you would be the only person who has consistently faild but this is over now!
I know these feelings very well. They are a ticket to a vicious circle and once you are in it is not easy to get out again (except for you now!).
If you have been on diet after diet, lost weight and put it on again later, you realized that it takes more than willpower to maintain your ideal weight successfully.
Even if you know perfectly well what to eat and even if you exercise regularly, this does not mean that you lose your weight or maintain your weight loss successfully. Often these actions come out of an obligation. You feel that you have to do eat this, you have to exercise, you have to do many things to lose your weight. This seems to be very hard and, to be quite honest, I don┤t know anyone who maintained his lost weight with such a pressure on him. Most weight loss products are dangerous for your health, and that is the reason why you are here.

Dear Friend,

We all know that life with a slim body is great but if you're like most people, you're probably still struggling to permanently lose just those 10 or 20 pounds that keep coming back again and again. And losing 50+ pounds in order to reach your ideal weight goal? You might have already come to believe that it's not possible, not at least in your lifetime.

Worse, with so much 'weight loss options' on the market, you can become downright paralyzed.. and extremely frustrated. You're just unable to figure out what exactly to do to trim your body into your dream bombshell.

Being fully aware of the emotional torments of being overweight and the way the multi-billion weight loss industry exploits this pain of people like yourself, I hate to think of you wasting even one more week of your life and thousands of dollars trying to achieve your dream body with one of the literally thousands of 'revolutionary' weight loss approaches: diet pills, magic potions, fad diets, protein bars etc. only to discover (yet one more time) that it was meant to 'revolutionize' just the pockets of the sellers.

That's why I masterminded the creation of this website and wrote 'SLIMWizard: Ultimate Weight Loss Fat Burning Secrets Program' to help you achieve your ideal weight goal easily, safely, with minimum effort in the shortest possible span of time and most importantly, permanently.

Losing Weight Permanently Is Tough! Or Is It?

It is generally believed that losing weight naturally is very tough and there doesn't exist any specific plan for it. You just stop eating fat, cook and eat a couple of bad-tasting dishes every day, stay hungry, exercise a lot, never eat out and hope for the best. That's a misconception. Losing weight is neither that tough nor that restrictive.

Even worse, some of the very popular beliefs about natural weight loss are downright wrong. For example, if you don't eat fat as is preached generally, you will never lose weight. There are several such fallacies especially related to nutritional principles. How can one expect to fight fat successfully while following such wrong principles?

In such a scenario, what's required for success is a proper roadmap for your weight loss effort that should tell you in procedural detail what to do, when to do and exactly how to do it in order to lose weight easily, conveniently and efficiently.

The plan should also acknowledge the basic flaws in human behavior and their effects on a weight loss effort and incorporate ways and methods to minimize the negative effects. Everyone likes to eat out and almost nobody likes to workout 2 hours daily. Why force such stringent principles when there are easier natural alternatives?

Then there are certain powerful natural principles and secrets that most dieters aren't aware of. For example, there exist little known food substitutions with which you can enjoy almost everything without breaking the rules of healthy eating. Wouldn't it be great to use them to the maximum? Likewise, If you can use colors as an amazing tool to lose weight, why not use them? Also, why give up dining out while you can do it without gaining weight by following a few simple guidelines? SLIMWizard is all about such secrets, tips, methods and procedures. SLIMWizard makes losing weight naturally very simple, effective, easy and fast.

SLIMWizard: Ultimate Weight Loss Fat Burning Secrets Program is not just another diet book. In fact, it's not a diet book at all. It's your complete roadmap to guaranteed permanent weight loss and a healthy lifestyle forever. And the best thing about it is that it's very easy to follow unlike most of other lifestyle shift plans.

SLIMWizard combines basic nutritional information with genuine physiological, behavioral and psychological principles to provide you with a weight loss plan that's easy to follow and 100% effective. There is no question about its effectiveness.

SLIMWizard: Ultimate Weight Loss Fat Burning Secrets Program provides you with the advanced, cutting edge weight loss information, little known secrets, tools and resources, enabling you to lose weight while eating whatever you want to eat and more importantly, automating your weight management task at a subconscious level so you don't have to consciously worry about it lifelong.

Benefits With SLIMWizard

With SLIMWizard, the biggest benefit is of course the .... 

  • Achievement of your ideal weight goal (easily, safely, permanently and with minimum effort) and a complete lifestyle shift at subconscious level in a period of just 6 months so you will always live healthy and never gain back the fat you lost!

  • You will enjoy your life like you did never before (And you'll be able to take off your shirt at the beach without embarrassing yourself!)

Also, by losing weight the healthy way, you will:

  • Reduce and prevent the risk of cancer, including colon cancer, stroke, type II (Adult Onset) diabetes, heart attack, heart decease, arthritis and many other diseases and ailments.
  • Increase and maintain bone density and prevent osteoporosis.
  • Improve mental performance, think more clearly and make better decisions.
  • Live a stress-free life.
  • Improve the overall quality of your life.
  • Feel a lighter, more compact body, and become more agile.
  • Become happier, and feel good.
  • Take at least 5 to 20 years or more off your age, in terms of your appearance, and the way you feel.
  • Improve blood circulation in all parts of the body.
  • Experience new spiritual growth and well being.
  • Increase energy and endurance.
  • Live longer and increase your life span by approximately 5 to 35% or more.
  • Experience total physical and mental rejuvenation.
  • Feel good about your body.
  • Manage weight permanently.
  • Restore youthful skin.
  • Eliminate cellulite.
  • Elevate mood, eliminate depression.
  • Strengthen, repair and boost immune system.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Improve vision and hearing.
  • Eliminate depression of aging.
  • Improve sexual performance and restore libido.
  • Improve generate hair growth, restore hair color.
  • Improve sleep and quality of sleep.
  • Improve your overall general health.

Also, With SLIMWizard, you will learn a lot of inside weight loss secrets like:

  • You will learn How to burn tons of pure fat

  • You will learn How to boost your metabolism.

  • You will learn How to use colors to lose weight. 

  • You will learn that Eating out doesn't necessarily mean eating unhealthy

The list goes on ......

SLIMWizard Bonuses

Many useful bonus components, tools and reports have also been included in the e-package to complement the e-book. Let's see what you get in bonuses with the e-book:

  • Special Bonus: 'Complete Diet Plan' - A powerful, easy to use diet plan that wonderfully complements the information and resources in the SLIMWizard e-package. Also includes 6 collections of delightful low-fat recipes!

  • Positive Attitude Assistant - An easy to use, generalized implementation of SLIMWizard Mind-Power. Use it regularly and increase your weight loss effort's effectiveness by an exponential margin!

  • Special Report: 'Speed Up Your Metabolism' - You can't increase your BMR but you CAN increase your metabolism! This report will tell you how!

  • Special Report: 'Lose Weight For Free!' - When you eat, you gain calories but not always. This report tells you how to lose weight by eating!

  • Special Report: 'Colors Help You Lose Weight!' - An amazing report that teaches how to lose weight using colors!

  • Automatic Food Diary - Keeps track of your daily diet by automating the calculations. Just get the print out and file it.

  • Optimal Weight Analyzer - Suggests an optimal weight and waistline range for you based on the several input factors.

  • Calorie Assistant - Determines the number of calories required every day to maintain a specific weight with respect to several input factors.

  • Negative Calorie Balance Assistant - Helps you determine the difference between your current calorie intake and the calorie intake needed to reach your target weight in the desired number of days.

  • Customized BMI Calculator

  • Customized Body Fat Calculator

  • Optimized Daily Diet Menus

  • Mouth Watering Low Fat Recipes - 10 of the best wholesome low fat recipes I found. They are easy to cook and simply taste delightful.

  • Secrets to cooking tasty meals and shortening cooking time!

  • Special Report: 'Why Most Weight Loss Programs Fail?' Know the reasons, some shocking, some trivial.. You'll be amazed!

  • Special Report: 'Facts & Fallacies About Fats' - Everything that has anything to do with the ever-elusive topic of Fats.. Did you know you MUST eat fat to lose fat?

  • General Food Facts - Comprehensive collection of food items with nutritional information. From now on, you'll be sure about how much calories that cookie contains or how much grams of Carb are contained in a small apple!

  • Negative Calorie Food List - Comprehensive collection of food items with negative calorie balance!

  • Dining Out Tonite? Read This First - Nutritional information on food served in popular restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing has ever worked for me, will this product really work for ME? What if I am not satisfied with SLIMWizard?

If you follow the guidelines of SLIMWizard plan, you WILL lose weight. You WILL lose weight with SLIMWizard, Guaranteed!

Can I believe what you are saying? Why should I?

Yes, You can. I can understand that you've probably come across 'revolutionary' weight loss products in the past that didn't work and you feel SLIMWizard might be no different. There is no way for me to make you believe me. However, SLIMWizard is absolutely FREE for download.

I have more than 100 pounds to lose. Will this plan work for me? [OR] I only have 10 pounds to lose. Will this plan work for me?

You WILL lose weight with SLIMWizard no matter how much you want to lose! SLIMWizard equally works wonders for people only a few pounds overweight or those with 300+ pounds of extra body fat.

How will I get this e-package? Will it be shipped to me?

You will be directed to a download page where you can download your copy on your computer.

What is an e-package?

An e-package is a ZIP file which contain two e-books in PDF format. It's like a regular book as far as the usage and concept is concerned. The good thing about an e-book is that it's interactive and customizable according to your individual needs. You can also print pages from the e-book if you want to keep a printed copy of the e-book.

With the components included in the SLIMWizard e-package, you can customize the plan according to your individual goal, needs and circumstances. That is one of the reasons it's such a success! Another good thing about an electronic book or package is that you can download it in minutes and begin to lose weight today! No need to wait for your order to be shipped and delivered!

How many pages are in SLIMWizard e-book? How big is it?

An main SLIMWizard e-book is named SLIMWizard.pdf contain 217 pages. Second e-book is named Diet_Plan.pdf contain 42 pages. Also ZIP file contain some other files.

SLIMWizard provides you with a wealth of information divided in 6 big sections with further subsections and about 100 extremely useful chapters. The package includes several useful bonus components as well. It provides you with absolutely everything that you need in order to lose weight permanently and safely!

Can this e-package hurt my computer? Can I get virus from it?

No, it can not hurt your computer. THOUSANDS of people have downloaded and used it without having any problem. And it doesn't contain a virus: 100% Guaranteed so you can not get a virus from it.

Is SLIMWizard the best weight loss product on the market?

I feel that SLIMWizard is at least one of the very best weight loss products because it comes with so much inside weight loss information, tools and resources. And since my product guarantees either success or refund, it doesn't really matter if it's number 1 on the market or not. There may or may not be any other products out there which are as good as SLIMWizard.

How quickly will I lose weight with SLIMWizard?

With SLIMWizard, you can expect to lose 2 to 4 pounds per week but that loss is permanent and safe and most importantly you lose only pure fat! Some really overweight individuals might lose as much as 6 pounds per week but 2 to 4 pounds is the average loss.

There are plenty of products that promise results like '20 pounds in 10 days' but they are very misleading as you already know from experience. You can not lose pure fat at any faster rate than 2-4 pounds per week. When people lose weight faster than that, they're actually losing muscle mass. That kind of loss isn't really any 'real' loss at all because as long as you don't lose fat, you stay fat and unhealthy. And worse, you will gain it all back.

Here's What Some Satisfied Customers Have To Say About

"... I could not imagine in my dreams that I will be so slim and look so great. I lost 60 pounds in 7 months. And I don't really think I'm ever gonna gain it back. Thank you SLIMWizard, Thank you dr. Martin ..."

Annette Brown, USA

"I was already 40 pounds overweight when I gave up smoking and gained further 22 pounds. I was so depressed I couldn't sleep well for 2 months. Then my cousin recommended me SLIMWizard and Gosh! I couldn't believe it. I lost 9 pounds in the first month and it took me just a little over 8 months to lose all the 62 pounds. Now I'm perfect according to your AreYouFat System and so happy..."

Marsha Jackson, USA

"... jokes apart but very frankly I do believe that I had the slowest Metabolism in the world. I think I gained weight even if I ate nothing.. again I'm not kidding. The best thing SLIMWizard did to me was to teach me the incredible method of speeding up my metabolism. I have already lost 31 pounds in less than 4 months and feeling energy levels I never felt before..."

Jason Donovan, AUSTRALIA

"SLIMWizard epackage is highly recommended by me. I don't have words to describe how fantastic this epackage is..."

Tania Omar, UAE

"I was so depressed about my weight I felt like doing nothing and not even getting out of my house and you can understand that if you are 120 pounds overweight. But SLIMWizard has changed it all. I have lost 40 pounds in 4 months already..."

Robert Coleman, USA

" ... Your epackage is the first thing that I ever purchased on the Internet and boy did it work!! I have lost 23 pounds in 3 months and I am eating healthier and feel better than I have my whole life..."

Georgina Fernandez , SPAIN

"... I think I worried about my weight more than anyone I know... I thought my fiancÚ will break up with me and all such bad things but now it's a whole different world... Thanx SLIMWizard..."

Harry Biggs, ENGLAND

"... I lost 32 pounds in 4 months with SLIMWizard. My husband lost 26 in the same time. We wondered if anything would ever work for us but we decided to get SLIMWizard with all the positive recommendations we were getting for your epackage..."

Angie Gershon, CANADA

"... I decided to try your plan and I am happy to report that I have lost 11 pounds in first two weeks. You have a very good program for weight loss. Thanks so much...."

Monika Schroeder, GERMANY

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At this point after reading a typical offer, you probably are asking yourself "Do I really want to gamble?"

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Good luck with your weight loss effort. God bless you!


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